Wednesday, April 6, 2011

You may not believe it, but spring is coming.

It officially arrives at 7:21 p.m. on Sunday, March 20.

So, while you wait to thaw, implement these easy energy-saving tips for spring. The warmth will come. Eventually.
  • Schedule a pre-season checkup of your central air conditioning system.
  • Make sure that gutters and downspouts drain away from the house to reduce moisture around your foundation.
  • Adjust outdoor light timers since the days are (yay!) getting a little longer.
  • Lower your thermostat a little as temperatures outside get warmer. You can cut up to 10 percent on your utility bill by setting the thermostat to 65.
  • Check all the ceiling fans in your home to be sure they are working properly and are dust free.
  • Change the air flow of your ceiling fan to counterclockwise. Most fans have a switch you can flip to change rotation.
  • Use an exhaust fan to draw hot air out of your kitchen while you’re cooking.
  • Dust all the lightbulbs in your house to keep them clean and allow more light.
  • Make sure that the tracks on sliding doors and windows are clean. A dirty track can ruin the seal and create gaps that allow cold air or heat to escape.
  • Check your attic or crawlspace to make sure varmints haven’t set up home. Spring is when a critter’s thoughts turn to romance and open or loose vents and torn screens are like a welcome mat. Plus, where there are openings, there are drafts.

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